“The Amazing Spiderman” First Game Trailer Brings Spidey Back to His Roots!


Its official, the developers behind Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions and Spiderman: Edge of Time, are working on a movie tie-in for Sony and Columbia pictures’ The Amazing Spiderman.  We have received our first look at the upcoming title, and to everyone’s surprise – it looks amazing.

One of the largest complaints of both Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time is that our friendly neighborhood Spiderman can’t freely swing around the world.  That is supposed to be his thing and not letting players do that, well, it was a disappointment. 

The Amazing Spiderman however, as revealed in the trailer below, rectifies ALL of that. Watch Spidey do what Spidey does best:

The open world of New York is back!  Players can finally enjoy swinging whenever, and wherever they wish again.

Official details have yet to be released, but don’t be surprised to see star Andrew Garfield providing the voice behind the mask in the game. 

The Amazing Spider-Man film opens in theaters July 3rd and we expect the game on all major platforms to release in the same window.



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