Michael Bay is in Talks for Transformers 4! Wasn’t it Supposed to be a Trilogy?


No one can deny the massive success the Transformers franchise has enjoyed at the box office after the first film’s big screen debut in 2007. However, director Michael Bay and main actor Shia LaBeouf both stated on numerous occasions during the many press tours for the final movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon that “this is it” — it was to be done after the third film.

However, the CEO of Hasbro, the popular toy company behind Transformers, revealed today during a scheduled conference call that Hasbro is currently in talks with Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg to create a fourth Transformers film. It isn’t that shocking considering the massive hype and piles of cash following around any new Transformer release… but will Bay want to head back to a franchise he thought he was finished with? Will Shia LaBeouf want to set aside new projects to start in these films? Who knows… but in the end, money talks, and we’re sure they take home a hefty paycheck.

Do you think this is a good idea or would you rather see the Transformers franchise left alone after the original trilogy? Badass robot fights were fun… but we can’t help but feel that the excitement was beginning to wear off.


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