Horror Haiku Monday: Wedding Sacrifices, Tentacled Menaces, Merry-Go-Rounds on Indian Burial Grounds…


Halloween is around the corner, which means we need to get into our horror spirit! What better of a way to do so than by inviting Horror Haiku writer Enzo Nakamura contribute some of his brilliant horror haikus to enjoy alongside some fantastic and mind-warping art by John Jude Palencar? From the funny to the bizarre, Enzo has us covered on Horror Haiku Monday!

Mr. Underbed:
He always eats their toes first.
This way, they can’t run.


Tentacled menace
creeps down the backstairs and waits.
The girl drifts to sleep.


This gorgeous white gown…
Nice guys carry me uphill…
Wait…is that lava?

Old Mrs. Stephens
filled her dog with potpourri
weeks after he died.


New merry-go-round.
Indian burial ground.
That’s just bad planning.


We want to hear your horror haikus — if you’ve got some creepy or terror-filled haikus rolling around in your head, share them in the comments for a chance to be featured on Horror Haiku Monday! Stay tuned for more Horror Haikus from Enzo Nakamura. Be sure to check out John Jude Palencar for more brilliant horror-inspired artwork.


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