NYCC 2011: Exclusive Lytherus Coverage of Saturday’s Events, Including The Walking Dead, Naruto Movie Premieres, and Major Game Announcements!


Our summary of Saturday takes a look at various TV show premieres at the convention including The Walking Dead, Zombie Apocalypse, and more; the Naruto movie premiere; major game announcements; and more!

Lytherus is attending this year’s New York Comic Con to report back on the latest news, announcements, panel coverage, and more! Be sure to check back over the next few days for exclusive coverage, announcements, previews, and more!

Saturday. Arguably the most crowded and jam packed day of the whole convention. The line to get in? Long. The wait? Even longer. Worth it? Absolutely. The things to do and see, offered this year are worth every aching bone and sore foot.


TV: Spot the Running Theme

Let’s begin with the premieres! The Walking Dead released their sneak peak of the highly anticipated Season Two, as well as what fans will expect from the upcoming episodes. Trust us; the wait was worth it. Season Two brings all of what you know and love from the zombie apocalypse, plus the drama you expect- gore, guns, running, and infested cities that get your heart racing. Ready for some new characters that will make you scream and cry? Ready to question the goodness of humanity in times of great suffering? You better be. It’s all coming to a TV near you October 16th!

Speaking of zombies, SyFy premiered their upcoming original movie Zombie Apocalypse. What’s this all about? “Six months after a deadly zombie virus spreads around the world, 99% of the population is infected, and things don’t look good for those left.” Follow a group of survivors as they fight to get across America to a supposed safe haven. Strong writing, great suspense, and beloved amounts of zombie hordes (legions? flocks? gaggles?) creates a movie you don’t want to miss. Definitely have to give the writers and graphic designers props; the storyline gives you chills from the beginning credits, and the zombie eye effects give even the most seasoned horror lover the creeps. The movie will premiere on SyFy during Halloween weekend, specifically October 29th. Mark your calendars!

Remember the Green Lantern access panel from Friday? Well, Saturday brought the world premiere of the mentioned animated series from DC! Art similar to what you see in Star Wars: Clone Wars, the story line and characters instantly grabbed the attention and held it for the whole first episode. Everything you love about the comic series is brought to 3D life- the smartassery, the jokes, and the amazing suspense are all thickly present within the first few minutes. Even first timers or non-fans will appreciate this excellent new addition to the television line-up. The first episode will air to the public on Cartoon Network, November 11. It will then continue on early next year, between February and March (the makers are still unclear on that fact themselves.)

Joining the strong television line-up is the Fox series Terra Nova, a look into the future where humans escape to the past in order to fix their mistakes and ruination of Earth and live better lives. However, they fail to remember how the past wasn’t so human (or mammal) friendly, and it seems too late when they do. Will they survive the hostile environment of those million years gone, or will Mother Nature reclaim the rightful setting and destroy the rebuilding of humanity and civilization?



In anime news: Hatsune Miku is getting an incredible spotlight as her creators work to make her the biggest star in the world. They plan on revamping and retouching some of her older bits, while bringing some exciting new sounds to her repertoire, including jazz, swing, folk, classical, and more! Think the animation is sweet now? Just you wait.

Then there was the U.S. Premiere of the move Naruto Shippudden: Bonds, where special winners of contests held Friday and Saturday got the chance to see it before it officially hits stores in America, correctly subtitled and all. Follow Naruto and the Leaf Village as they rediscover lost enemies of the past, new allies, and dangers that are familiar as well as completely unexpected. Watch as Naruto discovers just how important the bonds are between a Master and Apprentice, and how special the closeness of love and friendship is held in the Ninja Way. Attendees got to meet and greet Naruto’s Japanese voice actor Takeushi Junko, as well as pose for the camera- with free popcorn included, nonetheless! Why is this important (besides the fact that some of us might finally be able to watch the movie?). Well, the previews may have let slip one or two upcoming ninja game titles…


Gaming: You’ll Be Blind Soon Enough From All the Screen Time

Where are the games, you might ask? We’ll start with Mass Effect– the third game delivers for the hype. Gorgeous graphics, smooth looking game play- take whatever you know about Bioware’s popular game and ramp up the Awesome meter by a few levels. A bigger world, a deeper story… you’ll wonder if you ever really knew the game. You’ll want to and almost NEED to keep playing again and again, just to make sure you absorb all of the fantastic details the team worked so hard to bring to their devoted fans.

Ever hear of a franchise called Legend of Zelda? If you haven’t, please vacate from the rock you’re living under. If you HAVE heard of it, you’ll know that the newest title to the series has been one the most anticipated Nintendo games of the year. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword takes place some time before Ocarina of Time, rewarding the patiently waiting fans with a new villain to hate, a new world to fall in love with, and a game to drool over. While the new releases of other games seem to be having a Graphics Race, Nintendo keeps their smooth and simple style found first in Twilight Princess, but retouched it. Evidently they were listening when players complained about the blurry and fuzziness of Twilight Princess. Let it be known that Nintendo listens to its fans, and they took it to heart! The mini-games, the controls, the scenery, the characters…again, well worth the wait. Smooth, clear, fun, engaging, challenging, epic- all words to describe this big release.

We also got our hands on Assassins Creed: Revelations and we couldn’t be more thrilled with Ezio’s last installment (which, is to say, a bittersweet thing). As the trailers have shown, we see Ezio as an older man, a seasoned and highly skilled assassin who finds himself in deep trouble with the law wherever he seems to be going. Beyond levels you’ll recognize from the first game – albeit some centuries older – Ubisoft introduces the familiar multiplayer death match, but with a great twist: no radar and no directional help. Stealth and agility are your only allies, and you better learn how to use them in that free-for-all bloodbath. New characters to select, new places to see, and Ubisoft also announced that players will be able to use Altair again, that they’ll be walking through his footsteps to see how he had reached his Master status. All of your big questions will be answered in this long awaited continuation, and you’ll enjoy every second of the ride.

(Warning: We recommend you to have a horrible screen to play it on. The graphics are so amped up that one may literally spend minutes just gazing at the details and scenery. This may cause you to die a pathetic death and possible eye strain.)

Then… there was the Star Wars MMORPG, The Old Republic, out and ready to be tested by the masses. What can you expect from this online game? The list is quite long indeed. The graphics remind you of a live action movie (though immensely more beautiful), the scenery straight out of the best imaginations that could be put together, and a wonderfully clean but strong game play that might just keep you glued to the keyboard. The story is set to be unique to each player, as the worlds that you enjoy are quite, quite massive. Which side of the Force will you decide on? Think you’ve got the guts to take on the universe?


Movies: Hollywood’s Been Busy

Onto some movie news! The Avengers panel has been open all weekend, but Saturday was when the fans could come by and snap some pictures of the movie actors. Yes, really. It also included a sneak preview of one of the opening scenes that gets the plot explained and the villains assembled. Did you ever wonder why the Avengers needed to come together? The sneak peak told it all (well, most of it) and let you know what kind of action you can expect from this highly anticipated film. The actors joked with the audiences as well, proving that they are indeed human, and that they loved working with each other almost as much as they loved teasing each other. The movie seems like it will definitely live up to the hype and deliver everything expected, as well as make anyone an instant fan of super heroes.

There is also the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance movie to look forward to. It begins a little time after where the first film left off; Johnny Blaze has hidden himself in Europe to hide from the devil, but soon is out of hiding by way of a secret sect sending him out in order to save a young boy from the same danger. Blaze had hoped never to use his powers again, but it may be his only way to save the child…and to possibly free himself from the curse. Set to be in 3D, the director and writers spoke of working to really spark strong interest through amazing cinematics. Quite a year of geek-strong films ahead!


Comics: Wondered What That First C Stood For…

Comic news was just as compelling and deep as the rest, just shadowed slightly by all of the big movie and game news. However, we still have plenty to share, though too little for what we’d honestly love to have. Creators were especially tight lipped about their previews this year, but we know we can look forward to some amazing art and storyline through Superman, a deep dive into the darker worlds of the Justice League: Before They Were Beloved Heroes, They Were Feared Vigilantes, and some incredible debates surrounding the meeting of various heroes and other worlds. Closed mouthed? Spoiler free? Suspense runs thick as the writers and artists discussed their upcoming issues and arcs with truly filtered words and a lot of ‘No Comments’. If you live in the comic world, get ready for some serious surprises and outlook changes. Don’t worry; they’ll be gentle…

Sort of.


End of the Day

As the night came to a close, the highly attended Masquerade took place in the convention center’s largest show room. What IS the Masquerade? Think a talent show mixed with skits, singing, funny scenes, crazy homemade props, and people that may or may not have injected caffeine straight into their veins some minutes before. Each contestant or group is set under a skill level- Beginner, Journeyman, and Master- and tries their hardest to please the crowd and judges. What’s a stake? Besides bragging rights for a whole year, the winning skit/act is awarded the grand prize of $1,000.

It got pretty crazy, but it was certainly worth the long wait. There isn’t a more fun and entertaining show to be found that can make you laugh, cry, scream, and groan all in the span of a few minutes. Anyone can sign up and talents of all forms can be found in the show.

That just about covers the busiest day of New York Comic Con! Only one more day of coverage to go, and then back to mundane living for a few hundred thousand geeks. Lytherus has it covered, right up until the last panel and down to the final show!


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