Eight More “Hunger Games” Movie Posters Release for Remaining Districts and the Capitol — and They Look Awesome!


The Hunger Games promotional website, TheCapitol.pn, continues to allow members of the various Districts to register, and we now have the second and final batch of District and Capitol movie posters for the film!

Each movie poster represents an individual District. Last week we brought you posters for Districts 2, 7, 8, 9, and 12. We now have the remaining posters for Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, and 11 — as well as a poster for the Capitol!

Fans of the book series will remember that information about each district was not necessarily made available in the books, so it appears as though the crew behind the Hunger Games movie made an effort to attach a “purpose” to districts who weren’t given one in the books. Each district now has its own “purpose” and logo:

  • The Capitol. This logo features an eagle with a curious rising sun wing-spread.
  • District 1 – Luxury. This logo features a large castle flanked by two swords.
  • District 3 – Technology. This logo features a large factory with several gear cogs.
  • District 4 – Fishing. This logo features a fish hook and several generic fish.
  • District 5 – Power. This logo features the atom, lightning bolts, and several powerline structures.
  • District 6 – Transportation. This logo features a monorail/accelerated train and several futuristic flying spacecraft.
  • District 10 – Livestock. This logo features the head/face of a bull with two crossed butchers knives.
  • District 11 – Agriculture. This logo features a corn husk.

You can view all eight logos and movie posters in our gallery below:

[cincopa AoMArsa0UHf8]

What do you think of these? Which District do you belong to?


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