Supernatural: “Defending Your Life” Is A Reflective Look At Dean’s Past


Spoilers ahead!

At first, “Defending Your Life” seemed to be the good old straightforward kind of case, but things took an unexpected turn very quickly. Also, Dean seemed to be unusually unenthusiastic and just plain tired with everything. The episode is relatively calm and less action-packed than all the previous ones, and gives us a reflective look at Dean’s past and his feelings of guilt.

The episode kicks off with a man being chased on the street by a car and then run over by the same car… on the 10th floor inside a building. Since that is not exactly a typical accident, Sam and Dean go to investigate, thinking this to be a vengeful spirit. What they do find, however, is the Egyptian god Osiris, who is putting people on trial for their past deeds and using their guilt against them. Surely enough, Dean has to eventually face the trial which brings back ghosts of the past – literally.

I really enjoyed the episode for all the moments between Sam and Dean, and them reflecting on what they’ve done and whether it was their fault. It was also great to see Jo again, even if only as a ghost. Great performances from Jensen Ackles and Alona Tal in their scenes together, especially the last one. It’s always good to get these more contemplative episodes once in a while and see just how much Sam and Dean went through and how it changed them.


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