NYCC 2011: Lytherus at New York Comic Con, Exclusive Summary of Day Two’s Big Names and Bigger Shows!


Lytherus is attending this year’s New York Comic Con to report back on the latest news, announcements, panel coverage, and more! Be sure to check back over the next few days for exclusive coverage, announcements, previews, and more!

Friday, the second day of New York Comic Con , has come and gone and Lytherus was there to catch all of the big action! As it was the first day open to the ‘general’ public, the panels rolled out their fresh new banners and began filling Javits Center with an estimated 20,000+ fans –that’s one day, folks. ONE day!

Simply stepping through the entrance of the Show Floor gave you enough names to send your head spinning. Dragon Quest, Skyward Sword, Final Fantasy 13-2, Walking Dead, MIB3, Avengers, Goldeneye Reloaded, Dead Rising… these were just a few of what lay before the eager eyes and hands of fans. Marvel, of course, had their big stage for the Avengers set up, having live actors sit at ‘control screens’ and answering any questions people might have for them. Ubisoft had their own stage for the newest Just Dance, where the bravest could stand before everyone and follow the game on a giant flat screen for all the convention to see. The World Pro Video Gamer Competition was just a few steps away as well, where one could stand mesmerized as some of the best video game players from all across the globe came together in one spot to show off and see who is The Best.

This all, of course, took place on just one floor, in just one section of the convention center. All of the biggest to smallest artists were there as well to see and admire, to meet the authors of your favorite comic or webcomic book and gape at the artists’ handiwork up close. Cosplayers- big leagues to kitty ears- filled the gaps and took the spotlights as they grabbed the attention from their fellow con goers.

Just downstairs were all of the biggest anticipated panels, one of which was the DC Access: Green Lantern, where they discussed the new arc and the upcoming animated series, which is to be released in May of next year (which is, also, a milestone for Marvel: this will be their first CGI animated series!) There was also EA, whom talked about their upcoming releases and secrets; DC giving their first look of Batman: Year One, Catwoman, and Justice League: Doom; and Jay and Silent Bob talking about becoming old. Star Wars had their panel, Star Wars: the Old Republic involving everything you would hope a Star Wars panel would include, and a new surprise: Animal Planet. They played a big part this year by announcing their big new series Finding Bigfoot, a documentary/research show involving Sasquatch proof and data (if you’re not a believer now, the show will certainly make you rethink it).

In the Cultyard, NYCC’s newest shopping addition, one could find everything edgy, dark, weird, cool, collectible, and fresh of the underground fashion and item scene. If you’re still able to move your legs after visiting the extensive Sellers Aisles, the Cultyard is a must-see. If you can’t buy it there, odds are you might still only find it on Ebay.

Oh, and speaking of buying…the free stuff given out on Friday was, in a word, ridiculous. IGN had their own special panel titled ‘IGN: Free Sh**’, just one amongst the many companies and booths throwing their goodies at passerbys. Even if you’ve spent all of your money on that oversized box of Pocky, or on the latest Captain America figurine, there is still a chance to get one more awesome thing! Just remember to keep your eyes peeled and your con book open.

Starting to wonder where the ‘comic’ comes into ComicCon? Don’t worry. They have their own section of the center, featuring names like Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), Adam Kubert (Wolverine), Peter Tomasai (Batman and Robin), Joe Quesada (Spiderman), and Stan Lee (did we mention him before? We might have. He’s sort of a big deal), plus many, many more. If you already have their art, then it’s good to just beg a doodle or a handshake from at least one of them. They’re all cool, they’re all talkative, and they all have really neat stuff to see.

That was all of Friday in a nutshell! Stay tuned as Lytherus covers Saturday, the biggest day of the convention, where all of the greatest premieres and features take place!


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