“Harry Potter” Honored at Scream Awards, Featuring Dan Radcliffe and Exclusive “Woman in Black” Clip


Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter in the Harry Potter films, was honored this week by Spike TV for their upcoming 2011 Scream Awards. Radcliffe, sporting a leather jacket, accepted the Ultimate Scream award on behalf of the entire film crew as well as the Best Fantasy Actor award for his work in the films.

The special presentation, lead by Samuel L. Jackson, aimed to honor the eight-installment fantasy blockbuster following the final film’s release earlier this year. After an audience-riling speech from Jackson, Dan came onto stage to accept the awards and make a brief speech of his own. Following his speech, the Potter actor called out an audience member dressed as Hagrid, telling him it was the best Hagrid costume he’s ever seen. Imagine how that fan was feeling!

The segment was concluded by an “exclusive sneak peek” at Radcliffe’s upcoming film, The Woman in Black, which we recently reported on.

All of this was captured in advance of the award show by Entertainment Weekly reporters, who posted it on their blog for the world to see. Check out the video for a brief nostalgic moment honoring the series which has largely defined the past ten years of young adult literature and the fantasy book/film universe!

Radcliffe is currently performing on Broadway in NYC, headlining “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” — this blogger recently saw the show and highly recommends it!


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