NYCC 2011: Lytherus at New York Comic Con, Exclusive Day One Summary!


Lytherus is attending this year’s New York Comic Con to report back on the latest news, announcements, panel coverage, and more! Be sure to check back over the next few days for exclusive coverage, announcements, previews, and more!

October – the month of fall, of delicious flavors, Halloween… and then there’s New York Comic Con. Sound familiar? Of course it does! Just replace ‘San Diego’ with ‘New York’ in your mind, and you will get a pretty similar picture of what this con is all about. Games, movies, TV series, books, comics… the works in all things entertainment, plus visits from big names like Stan Lee, Felicia Day, Kevin Smith, and Seth Green.

This year’s NYCC will be no different, with a schedule jam-packed with announcements, panels, and VIP guest appearances. We’re there to cover it all!

Thursday (otherwise known as “day one” in NYCC speak) was the day for Pros, Press, and VIPs, so it wasn’t chock-full of the usual mind-blowing craziness that is the convention and the long hours of opening, but the merit of having room to walk and sit was certainly nice. Big companies like Square Enix, Capcom, X-Box, Marvel, and Hasboro (if that isn’t a textbook example of ‘One Of These Things Is Not Like the Others’, I don’t know what is) – and many, many others – set up shop to show off their latest and greatest releases and merchandise, as well as test games for those willing to try betas. Among those tests? Resident Evil/Umbrella Corp Operation: Raccoon City. So many promising releases, far too many to name right now. The lines for beta testing stretched and snaked around the show floor, flowing in between little independent shop booths and fantastic, silly games and contests.

Some aisles adjacent to the Big Booths lay the Literatures and Comics. Harper Collins, Random House, Tor, Dark Horse- lined together, selling their current series and promising spoilers, hints, and sneak peaks to the upcoming books. Down a few rows? The famous Artist Alley, where finding your favorite toy (ahem, Favored Item) is as easy as pulling out your wallet to buy it. Free goodies? Everywhere. Wonderful tidbits? Torrential pouring of. For big fans of anything, it was a Mind-Exploding experience. There isn’t any possible way to be bored while walking between the aisles of NYCC (unless you have no soul).

But then the night came, and if the con couldn’t get any more awesome, the evening’s big event shined. NYCC’s Kick-Off Concert, starring the wonderful talents of Tom Morello and his band, featuring rock music and DJ Z-Trip, the man who takes techno, dubstep, rock, and all of your favorite geekdom tunes (Mario, Tron, Batman, Star Wars, etc) and mashes it together to create an awesome new sound. The lights, the sound, the beats- Ah! If you weren’t electrified and pumped for Comic Con during the day, you certainly were after the concert.

On to Round Two, and Panels Galore!

Stan Lee, Felicia Day, Kevin Smith


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