New “Hunger Games” Book Covers Hit the Web


New Hunger Games book covers have hit the web offering a more adult-spin on the classic book covers. They’re gorgeous to look at, which is always a plus, and it appears as though the publisher is aiming to follow in the footsteps of the U.K. Harry Potter books by releasing book editions exclusively for adults.

The covers feature the familiar mockingjay pins seen on the original book covers, as well as new book title and author fonts, and some eye-popping colors in the artwork.


(Click the covers for larger versions.)

I always worried that the UK publisher of Harry Potter ( ) was setting a dangerous precedent for adults reading YA novels by offering “adult cover” alternatives. What’s the point? Are adults really that ashamed of reading young adult literature? The original Hunger Games covers weren’t even that childish — sure, they had the familiar layout and design prominent on YA lit, but that’s all. Nothing screamed, “This is a book published for teens!” — and we’d even argue that the Hunger Games series could certainly be aimed at an adult audience with little to no changes.

What do you think of the covers? Are you bummed that these are only available in the UK?

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  • Aplussoccerkid

    I love the new covers!!! I even have MY DAD hooked on the books!!! =)

  • Lauren

    NOOO!! The Mockinjay cannot be in the circle (or ring) for the last book cover! It’s supposed to symbolize Katniss’ freedom from the Capitol and corrupt government. Ugh…

    • Hominaynaydog

      you’re right

  • /|/|ichael

    Not really necessary.

  • maya

    we have those ones here in australia as well as the american ones because they didn’t bother making special covers for us -.- 

    i’m trying to look for a box set with the new covers but i can’t seem to find them anywhere not even in amazon, has anyone else found them?

  • This was unnesscary. (Pardon horrible spelling) Harry Potter was way diffrent then The Hunger Games. Harry Potter initally was aimed towards children where The Hunger Games was not. I have the adult covers of Harry Potter because I felt a bit embarrased reading the children editions in public but with The Hunger Games that is not an issue the covers look like they can be read by teens and adults alike. I like the first 2 but the 3rd one seems off with the ring around the mockingjay and I will not be buying them if they are sold in Canada.

  • Dan

    I have these covers. They’re sold in Austalia too. I think they look better than the first cover personally, but the first book covers didn’t seem to restrict readers to be in their teens unless they won’t be be embarrassed reading them. I see plenty of adults with copies of the books with the first covers. I don’t think anyone questioned the design to aim strictly to teens. No one is bothered by it. The covers were pretty neutral on age groups. Unlike Harry Potter books that had original covers that screamed children’s book. Still, I prefer the ‘adult’ covers, that why I got them instead.