Gorgeous “Skyrim” Screenshots, Game Play Manual, and World Map Reveal an Incredible Game


Gamers don’t have much longer to wait — Skyrim, the fifth game in the Eldest Scrolls series by Bethesda, is set to hit stores on November 11th for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Unsurprisingly,¬†Bethesda is in overdrive promoting their game, which means that there’s a lot for us to get our gaming hands on! This week’s releases and leaks include a host of incredible screenshots, a gameplay manual explaining new and old game features, and a world map, allowing us a sneak peak at the journey we’ll be taking through Skyrim’s various territories!

First up is the new set of Skyrim screenshots, which reveal a whole host of playable classes, monsters, quests, eerie gameplay locations, and more! This set features a look at an alchemist, the Azura statue, cave exploration, elves and humans casting spells, dragons in mid-killeverythingwithfire, a Frost Atronach, the quest interface, spectral bows (awesome!), torture rooms, and more:

[cincopa AoHAou6wJPet]

Game Rant was also able to get their hands on a leaked copy of the Xbox 360 Skyrim gameplay manual, which walks players (new and old) through Skyrim features, including encumbrance (much to the dismay of many), skill trees, spells, shouts, abilities, and companion and follower controls:

[cincopa AsEAKs6GJLSu]

Finally, Bethesda officially released the Skyrim map! It’s clear that there will be many towns, villages, and landmarks to visit during your travels through Skyrim:

Will you be buying Skyrim when it hits stores on November 11th? This blogger will be!

[Photos via GameRant and Reddit]



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