New “Star Wars: The Old Republic” Trailer Features Jedi vs. Bounty Hunter and Awesome Developer Commentary


Bioware has released a new interview/trailer video pegging the fan-favorite Jedi Knights and Bounty Hunters against each other, while simultaneously featuring developer commentary on the creation of each class. It’s an exciting video which showcases the best of both the light and dark and offers unique insight into the minds of the developers, who themselves appear heavily divided on who would win out in the end: Jedi or Bounter Hunter.

The mash-up is exciting to watch as both appear to stand an equal chance against the other. The Jedi is a powerful close-ranged attacker, whereas the Bounty Hunter is exceptional at ranged and armored attacks. The video has no clear-cut winner, and the developer sparring seems to indicate one thing: whether you choose the light side or the dark side, you’ll be on equal footing to destroy your enemies.

Don’t forget: we recently announced a set-in-stone release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic!

[Trailer via GameRant]



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