Microsoft Announces Tons of New Xbox Live Partners, Including HBO Go and Facebook, Plus a Look at the New Dashboard


New Xbox 360 Dashboard and Content Coming Soon Microsoft is officially previewing the new Xbox 360 dashboard look following announcements about new major network TV and web content coming to the Microsoft console this fall! Microsoft appears to be moving in a direction that implies revolutionizing the way Xbox Live delivers media — hoping to consume the media center industry which, until now, has had no clear winner in the demographic Microsoft is aiming to reach.

Xbox Live Adds New Content and Internet Websites

The first, and perhaps most exciting, of Microsoft’s changes and announcements comes in the form of a very long list of content providers and services being added to Xbox Live this November with the dashboard update. The list includes On Demand services, content providers, and major websites: Bravo, CinemaNow, Comcast, ESPN, Facebook, HBO Go, iHeartRadio,, Manga Entertainment, Syfy, TMZ, Twitter, Vevo, and Youtube. Many of these, such as Twitter and Facebook, will help move Xbox Live in an internet-incorporated direction, especially as Microsoft rolls out Bing and other related services on the platform. Access to HBO Go, Syfy, Bravo, ESPN, and more allows Microsoft to position Xbox Live as one of the largest non-cable content distributors — a substantial move when considering the paltry offerings on the Playstation and Nintendo networks.

New Dashboard

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has done a Dashboard overhaul, but it may be the best yet. It’s clear that Microsoft was looking to emulate the look, feel, and functionality of their upcoming Windows 8 release as well as their Windows Phone 7. The images seem to show that Microsoft has improved upon organization and navigation of the Dashboard, which has been pretty lousy over the years. It also gives a great look at how the new services and content providers have been incorporated into the Dashboard.

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And no matter how hard they try to push Bing, we still aren’t using it!

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