Minecraft Pocket Edition Goes on Sale as Notch Announces Minecraft Dragons!


It was a good day for Minecraft fans: Minecraft Pocket Edition, available for all Android phones, finally hit the market…. and team Mojang also felt inspired, adding dragons into Minecraft. Yeah, dragons.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition announcement came after a long wait for the app’s exclusivity for one particular phone to expire, allowing Mojang to spread the app market-wide. It is a paid app (costing a one-time $6.99 fee), and sorry iOS users — it’s only available for Android.

The game was developed from the ground up, so it isn’t a simple port of the PC version of the game. It’s also about a year behind current Minecraft desktop builds, which means it’s missing a number of features players have come to know and love from Minecraft — including some mobs, player skins, Survival mode, and tools. For now, it appears the game is mostly a creative building environment. It appears that Mojang is as dedicated to updating this version of the game as they are the desktop version, so expect updates to the app making these features available in the future.

And dragons! Notch has been teasing fans on Twitter while hard at work developing patch 1.9, the upcoming patch which aims to expand upon the 1.8 Adventure Update changes made in September. Mojang has promised to push a full-release game (i.e., leave “beta” behind) in November, so the team is working overdrive to pump the final level of features into the game. 1.9 contains a great amount of new content which we’ll explore in a post once the game hits — but one of the most exciting new features has to be dragons, announced by Notch yesterday!

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