“The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” Opening Cinematic Revealed!


Legend of Zelda is usually a handheld game, it is rare that more than one or two ever come out in a typical Nintendo system’s lifetime.  So, obviously, when a Zelda title is announced for a console, it instantly becomes the top of the “most anticipated titles of the year” list.  Skyways Sword is no exception.

The reason that the Legend of Zelda is so loved, is the detail that is put into each title.  The creators focus everything they have into making the game feel epic, allowing players to venture into giant lands in search of whatever needed to slay the evil that infests each game, yet everytime, it is a unique and memorable style.  One important attribute (and usually overlooked) is the intro, the opening cinematic when starting a new game.

Ever since the legendary Ocarina of Time, the intro helped set the stage for the story about to be told.  The intro to Skyward Sword is no exception and it has finally made its way onto the internet, and trust us when we say, you will need to see this for yourself.

With all the talk of a great evil being conquered many ages ago, keep in mind that Skyward Sword takes place before Ocarina of Time and focuses mainly on the creation of the infamous Master Sword.  What this points at is the great evil mentioned in the trailer is not the popular Ganondorf.  Unless, however, it is revealed that Ganon somehow appeared before he was born in Ocarina of Time, this would mean that the great evil here is a completely different threat.  Which is definitely exciting.




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