Marvel Releases 2 Teaser Images, pre-NY Comic Con Announcements



What is this? Wolverine pairing with Quentin Quire? Really? Apparently Brian Wood will be writing this title, whatever it is, and we will be reading it come January. Readers already received a shock to see Quire on Wolverine’s side of the Schism, as revealed in the team divide updates, but now the shock value doubles to see these two in their own book together. Marvel has promised more details at 3:30 on Sunday, October 16 as part of their X-Men Regenesis panel at the upcoming ¬†New York Comic Con.

This second teaser features Captain America’s star and just one line of text “What if there wasn’t only one” that could imply any number of things – What if there was another Captain America made with the super soldier¬†serum? What if Bucky isn’t really dead and they both are carrying the title? Who knows! More information, again, will be delivered com NYCC in a few days.


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