New “Mario Kart 7” Screenshots Race Onto The Web!


Mario Kart 7 is closer than it seems and if you are not already looking forward to the holdays, you should be now because Nintendo has just released a ton of new screenshots for the upcoming title to keep loyal followers entertained.

The screens below will show off many of the new power-ups and weapons that will be making a debit in Mario Kart 7. This time around, it seems like Shy Guy is a little less shy seeing as he made it onto the main roster of kart racers, after being a place holder for friends who used the DS download feature in Mario Kart DS. Also join Shy Guy is the ever so famous, Metal Mario, who made his debut in Super Mario 64 and again in the Super Smash Bros. series.

It seems like the most obvious new armament added to Mario and his friends is the infamous leaf from Super Mario Bros. 3.   The new weapon adds a raccoon tail to the kart, which we are assuming can be used to bludgeon enemy players who enter your personal space.

Mario Kart 7 is one of the most anticipated portable games releasing this year, and judging solely on the screenshots, it will definitely be a must-own for 3DS owners this Holiday season.

Check out the gallery below:

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