“Xbox 720” Rumors! Logo Spotted in ‘Real Steel’ Movie!


The Xbox has come a very long way and is getting older, nearly six years to be exact.  When Xbox was fist debuted, many people thought it would only live five years, but with a completely revamped, upgraded version of the console, Microsoft continues to plan out for a 10-year lifecycle.

That does not mean that another console cannot be launched in the meantime, let alone announced.  We have heard rumors of a possible Xbox 720 in the past, but this time, there is a more direct mention of the future console.  This time, it comes from Hollywood.

The biggest movie in weeks debutes this weekend and stars Hugh Jackman – Real Steel.  In the latest trailer from the film, if you pay close enough attention, you will catch a glimpse of an Xbox 720 logo among the banner ads in the background of the fighting arena.

Click to enlarge:

Does this confirm the Xbox 720? Not at all, but it is smart marketing by Microsoft who are guaranteed to have people talking.  It only takes one person to spot this Xbox 720 logo and then it spreads like a zombie plague.

We do, however, expect an official announcement regarding these rumors during next year’s E3.  With the Wii U expected to be unveiled and Sony living large off their resent PS3 price drop and not to forget their newest handheld, the Vita, Microsoft needs to show some new hardware, especially since there was nothing shown this year.






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