New Hunger Games Movie Posters Released for Various Capitol Districts!


The Hunger Games promotional website,, has finally begun allowing members of the various Districts to register, and with registration comes a wide number of new movie posters!

Each movie poster represents an individual District. So far, posters for Districts 2, 7, 8, 9, and 12 have released — which means that members of “sorted” into those Districts are now able to pick up their District Identification Pass.

Fans of the book series will remember that information about each district was not necessarily made available in the books, so it appears as though the crew behind the Hunger Games movie made an effort to attach a “purpose” to districts who weren’t given one in the books. Each district now has its own “purpose” and logo:

  • District 2 – Masonry. This logo features various masonry tools, as well as an eye symbol and two lightning bolts.
  • District 7 – Lumber. This logo features two axes forming an X-shape over a tree.
  • District 8 – Textiles. This logo features a spool of string and a sewing needle.
  • District 9 – Grain. This logo features a few bits of wheat.
  • District 12 – Mining. This logo features a mining hat, two mining picks, and a mine cart track.

You can view all five logos in our gallery below. We expect The Hunger Games Facebook page to continue releasing new District posters over the next week. We’ll keep you updated when the next batch hits!

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