“The Walking Dead” Season Two Prequel Web-Episodes Now Available — On Lytherus!!


AMC has officially released their season two prequel web series — and we’ve got all of the episodes for you to watch here on Lytherus! The series follows the life of one of The Walking Dead’s most iconic zombies: “bicycle girl”, the first zombie encountered in the series. You know, the one missing the entire lower half of her body. The show’s co-executive producer and FX master Greg Nicotero directed the six-episode miniseries, which is available to watch for free below (and on AMC’s website).

In episode one of The Walking Dead Webisodes, Hannah (“Bicycle Girl”) awakens after a car crash only to discover that her two children are missing from the back seat. awakens to find her kids missing after a violent car accident. Follow the story through “A New Day”, “Family Matters”, “Domestic Violence”, “Neighborly Advice”, “Step-Mother”, and “Everything Dies”. Each episode is just over two minutes long, so it won’t take you too long to finish the story.

The episodes have been received with much fanfare — we haven’t seen a single complaint yet. Here’s what one viewer had to say: “Loved these webisodes. So well done. High production value. Definitely want to see more. Loved the characters, especially Andrew.”

Feast your eyes (insensitive?) on the six-episode miniseries:


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