New Photos Show Russell Crowe as Jor-El In “Superman: Man of Steel”


New set photos showing Russell Crowe in costume for the character of Jor-El have hit the web! These are the first photos to show Crowe in costume as the father of Superman! His costume is definitely other-worldly (which is appropriate considering he’s an extraterrestrial from Krypton). The costume almost has a bit of a medieval feel to it, which adds some extra depth to the costume without managing to make it look too scifi-cheesy (since it has to contrast with “real world” attire).

You’ll also notice the Superman S on his chest (though it isn’t as bold as the one on Superman’s costume).

What do you think of the new shots? Keep in mind — these are “stealth shots” taken from the set, and as with many costumes, they tend to look better on screen than they do on camera.


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