New “Arthur Christmas” Trailer Reminds Us That Christmas is Approaching, Actually Looks Interesting


In the “Arthur Christmas” universe, the job of Santa is one passed through generations, with one Santa passing the role to his son once he grows old. The film’s current Santa relies heavily upon his oldest son Steve, who has developed a high tech system to handle all of the children Santa reaches every year.

The film follows Santa’s youngest son, Arthur, who isn’t the brightests bulb in the box. Arthur is in charge of Santa’s mail — you know, those letters and lists kids send up to the North Pole hoping to land on Santa’s nice side for the “Big Day”. Arthur is prompted into action when one little girl goes without a gift on Christmas. He digs up the letter and sets off on an adventure to fix the mistake with GrandSanta.

The CG Christmas flick has a number of noteworthy voice actors, including Jim Broadbent as Santa, Hugh Laurie as Steve, James McAvoy as Arthur, and Bill Nighy as GrandSanta.

Check out the latest trailer:

Arthur Christmas looks like it’s going to be a fun and original Christmas movie. I’m the first to hate on Christmas films — I’m sick of the cliche stories and desperate attempt for Hollywood to fill theaters with holiday themed movies — but this seems fun, has an interesting premise, and I really like the cast. Will you be seeing it?


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