Free “Portal 2: Peer Review” DLC Arrives Today, Adding More Co-Op and Challenge Mode


Portal 2 hit stores back in April, but Valve is already releasing the first set of DLC content for the smash-hit game — and it’s free! Valve recently announced that they would be releasing Portal 2: Peer Review as an add-on to the ship version of the game and it hit digital markets today. Peer Review is available for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Peer Review adds a bit more to the co-op version of the game, extending the story of our favorite robots — Atlas, Peabody, and GLaDOS. Let’s hope there’s an interesting story to follow-up on the huge revelation made during the ending cinematic of the Portal 2 co-op.

Peer Review will also add the much-anticipated challenge modes to both the single-player campaign and the multi-player co-op. Original Portal gamers will remember the challenge mode added to Portal, which offered a way for players to gauge their performance through the various test chambers. Peer Review also adds a multiplayer leaderboard, which will allow players to compare their stats with their friends and the Portal community.

The only disappointment? Lack of singleplayer content. Don’t get us wrong — we aren’t trying to complain here; Valve is doing us a huge favor by releasing this DLC for free (which many other companies wouldn’t even consider), and the additions and expansions are fantastic. We just love the Portal and Portal 2 storyline and would love to see some more added on at some point. Valve hasn’t ruled out the possibility of more DLC (free or pay) for Portal 2 down the line, so this could still happen. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Portal 2: Peer Review is available now. Happy gaming!


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