“Batman: Arkham City” – First Glimpse of The Legendary Sidekick, Robin!


Ever since Rocksteady Studios announced that Robin would be a playable character in the Challenge Modes of Batman: Arkham City, fans everywhere have been very intrigued.  I first question that comes to mind is how can the comic series’ most over looked and underestimated sidekick fit into their gritty universe.  Well, we have our very first look at Tim Drake and yet another reason to get excited for the upcoming Arkham City.

Rocksteady Studios has promised to make Robin as cool as Batman himself, which seems extremely difficult to pull off, but the trailer is a good sign of the work they have made.  There is a brief look at his combat in the trailer, but we are pretty sure it is safe to say, Robin will make a good sidekick this time around. Robin has been given his very own form of combat, combining hard-hitting kicks and punches with his bone-shattering staff – which sounds pretty awesome.

It is possible that Robin will be giving Batman a run for his money in the game’s extra modes, but we will let you be the judge.  Someone has capture the newest pre-order TV Spot for Best Buy, so go ahead and see if this very brief look at the legendary sidekick offers something new:

With Robin now officially introduced, we can eagerly await any trailers giving a deeper look at the sidekick, along with Nightwing.



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