The Secret Circle: A New Show From The CW


Possible spoilers ahead!

The fascination with the paranormal these days seems to be at its highest, considering all the vampire movies and TV shows that came out in the past couple of years. CW, a home to Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, took it upon itself to adapt yet another L. J. Smith’s book series for TV screen. This time though, we are going to be dealing with witches.

The premise of The Secret Circle is one we’ve seen many times before: a high school in a small town, a new girl moving in and unintentionally coming into contact with something supernatural. It will be hard for this show to escape some comparisons with The Vampire Diaries (and there are certain similarities), yet I think with the three episodes aired so far, The Secret Circle established itself as something quite different.

Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) moves to Chance Harbor, Washington to live with her grandmother, after her mother dies in a fire (supposedly). The opening scene of the Pilot which shows the death of Cassie’s mother is quite impressive and dark, and makes you want to find out what happens next. At the new school, a group of Cassie’s classmates (Diana, Adam, Faye, Melissa, and Nick) claim that they are witches and so is Cassie, and that with her there they can now have a full circle of six. Cassie struggles to come to terms with her newly found powers.

In “Bound”, Diana is trying to convince the rest of the group to bind the circle – that way they will be able to control their still unpredictable powers. Cassie doesn’t really want anything to do with the circle but her powers are hard to ignore. Meanwhile, Faye’s mother and Diana’s father clearly have their own plans about the circle.

In the latest aired episode, “Loner”, Adam’s friend Luke asks Cassie to a school dance. Faye, in the meantime, is trying to find a way to use her powers, since they changed after the six of them bound the circle. Also, someone from the past unexpectedly shows up and starts asking questions about witches. To top everything off, the school dance doesn’t exactly go as planned.

I have to mention the soundtrack in this show – the main theme is made as a lullaby, and there is something unnerving to it. The actors are pretty good, but I have to say that Phoebe Tonkin’s Faye stands out the most so far with her rebellious character. I also have to point out Gale Harold, as Diana’s father, who can be effortlessly sinister when needed. The show has a potential, and I will definitely keep watching.

Have you guys been watching? What are your thoughts?

The Secret Circle airs on the CW, Thursdays 9/8 c


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