“Mass Effect 3” Multiplayer Rumored (Yet Again) In a Pre-Order Ad!


Mass Effect has always stuck to their single-player, story-focused formula, so it is hard not to be skeptical that the conclusion to the trilogy may include a multiplayer component.  However, despite BioWare continually claiming that Mass Effect 3 will not include a multiplayer component, there have been way too much evidence claiming otherwise.  Now, a South African retailer pre-order page for the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition can be added to the list of either pre-announcement teases or misinformed retailers.

It absolutely would not be the first time a developer has hidden the truth about an announced multiplayer component – probably because they are trying to set up for a giant reveal or to be sure that the added game mode won’t be a let down for passionate fans who might be very let down by a multiplayer aspect.  This evidence is hard to pass up though – if anything, it is bound to make you at least more aware of the possibility.

Check out the advertisement scan from South America retailer, BT Games:


We have seen similar ads in the past for other games that turned out to be typos or contain non-verified information, but the other items in the list are very specific – so let’s not dismiss the ad just yet.

That being said, it is very understandable why fans may be worried and truly don’t want to believe that Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is a possibility, seeing as BioWare games have always been that escape from the frantic and often times frustrating multiplayer experience.

Mass Effect 3 releases for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on March 6, 2012.





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