Graphic Novel/Comic Book Review: Bone is a Thrilling Fantasy for Everyone


Funny, action-packed, and refreshingly original, Jeff Smith’s Bone series still stands as one of the greatest comics of all time. Written and drawn by Jeff Smith, the series has garnered many awards and been published all over the world. Even now, years after the last issue was published, the series continues to impress and captivate readers everywhere.

The series centers around the three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone,  who get chased out of their hometown, Boneville, and become lost in an uncharted desert. What is a Bone, you may ask? Well, it is hard to explain exactly what a Bone is. But they all have two common features: abnormally large noses and completely white bodies. These three Bones eventually find their way into a mysterious valley, where they meet a young girl named Thorn and her grandmother, Grandma Ben. The two take in the lost Bones, and soon they find themselves thrust into an ancient war with the evil Lord of the Locusts, who has been imprisoned for ages but has agents working to release him. The Lord of the Locusts must not be set free, or it will be the end of the world.

To say Jeff Smith can draw well would be an understatement. Every sweep of his brush takes one’s breath away. His characters and the various landscapes in which the story takes place are drawn with so much detail that it is easy for readers to get lost in Smith’s world. His writing compliments his artwork beautifully, giving each character a unique personality. Very rarely has a comic book so effortlessly created such believable and engaging characters as Bone has. On top of that, the plot and the masterful storytelling grabs readers’ attention and holds it until they turn the last page of the last volume.

As the series enters its final act, its originality begins to slip. The final battle is exciting and thrilling, but highly derivative at the same time. The climax of the series might remind some readers of Lord of the Rings battles, and it is easy to tell that Smith may have had some inspiration there. Nevertheless, the ending is touching and beautiful, and stands as a testament to Smith’s amazing ability to tell one heck of a story.

If you are looking for an exciting comic that cleverly combines humor, fantasy, and some action/adventure thrown in for good measure, pick up Bone. You will not regret it.

4.5 out of 5 stars


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