Lytherus’ Weekend Web: Hilarious Comics, Buildings Converted to Light Sabers, Real-Life Lightcycles, and More!


The weekend can often be slow and dull in the news world, so what better of a way to occupy our time with fascinating reads from around the web? Lytherus’ new weekly column, the Weekend Web, will explore and poke fun at some of the week’s more interesting, quirky, or exciting stories that just didn’t quite make the news cut! We promise to keep them within the realms of fantasy, scifi, and horror — but we can’t promise they won’t be odd.

This week’s article has a number of great gems, including an article exploring the Doctor Who monster team, who has managed to take tin pots and turn them into fear-inspiring monsters; a flowchart guide to NPR’s top 100 fantasy and scifi novels; a video of a functioning real-life lightcycle; a beautiful comic exploring the life of an artist; the world’s largest (600 meter) lightsaber; and our newest section: “Just a Bit Goofy”!


The Doctor Who series finale took place yesterday (much to the chagrin of many due to the year long wait between series six and seven, although the finale itself was fantastic!) and in it (and other episodes throughout the season), we’ve seen the return of many favorite Doctor Who villains… including the “where have they gone in series six?” Daleks! TOR has a fantastic article looking at how Doctor Who has managed to make some of their originally-ridiculous looking monsters instead fear-inspiring death machines!


SFSignal has put together a fantastic flowchart of NPR’s top 100 fantasy and science fiction novels. The chart helps readers navigate through the NPR’s selections, deciding which books are best suited for them based on “yes” and “no” answers. It’s a great visual guide to what NPR calls the best 100 scifi and fantasy books and a convenient way to find some new and highly-rated reads in your favorite genres!


If we’re all to believe what we see in TRON and TRON: Legacy, then lightcycles may one day be a functioning vehicle. Oh wait — a CNN report now shows that the TRON future has caught up with us… lightcycles are real! Two custom motorcycle designers from Parker Brothers Choppers in Florida decided to build a functioning, real-life lightcycle after having seen the non-functioning prototype on display at the 2010 Comic-Con in San Diego. After much trial and error, forced to base their designs off of movie trailers and promo stills, the motorcycle enthusiasts were able to build a functioning lightcycle. They took the badass ride out for a spin around a local mall — and now we’ve got video of the lightcycle in action:


Artist Ida Eva has a beautiful comic showing the life of an artist, entitled “Bloom Like an Artist”, which shows the beautiful and fantastical journey a young artist encounters as she grows and matures. It’s an incredible short comic to check out — it’s all one long panel — and the art featured throughout is beautiful. What a fun story!


We’ve all seen the advertisements, blog posts, and in-store standups — the Star Wars Blu-ray re-release is upon us. An event like this wouldn’t be a true release without some epic publicity stunts! The team behind the Star Wars re-release recently turned the London Tower (which already looks like a lightsaber handle) into a 600 meter tall lightsaber. What sort of light bulb did that thing take? Sixty 4.5kw bulbs! Insane!


This week has a good amount of funny stand-alone images that don’t quite make the cut earning their own spot on the Weekend Web, so we’ll lump them all here in what we’re now calling the “Just a Bit Goofy” section!

  • The Oatmeal, one of the internet’s more hilarious comic artists, has done a great comic explaining┬áthe Netflix/Qwikster announcement (with a good amount of humor and sarcasm) … and what it would mean if we were talking sandwich shops.
  • The crew behind Transformers has been using an authentic Transformer robot sculpture made out of an iconic London bus (you know, those big red double-deckers!) to promote the upcoming Transformers 3 DVD release — and this thing is pretty cool!
  • This Sanctuary screen-grab with audio captions included summarizes all that’s wrong with “tech talk” in scifi shows. “Remote cracked his hardgate”? Really?
  • One Redditor put together a hilarious visual guide to making yourself look like an N64 Goldeneye character (you know, the ones with the horrible-yet-hilarious faces). All you’ll need is one pair of leg stockings and a ridiculous grin! Go ahead, do it for science!
  • Check out this heart-warming (even for a video game) animated Zelda comic, where Zelda narrates Link’s journey — explaining why no evil-doer will ever win.



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