Hayden’s Sunday Throwback: Hanna is An Engaging Action Flick


Released earlier this year to critical acclaim, Hanna features strong performances from the cast and an engaging plot that contains more than enough action and suspense to keep audiences interested.

Ex-CIA agent Erik Heller and his young daughter, Hanna, have been living in a remote area of Finland for years. Erik has secretly trained his daughter to become a deadly assassin, while keeping her away from the outside world and modern technology of any kind. On the other side of the world, CIA agent Marissa Wiegler works tirelessly to find Erik and Hanna, but so far has had no luck. It is Hanna who finally reveals their location, and a chase begins. All the while, Hanna wonders why Marissa wants her and her father dead, and why she has been hidden for her entire life.

The acting here is impressive. Saoirse Ronan, while young, has quite a bit of experience as an actress under her belt, including The Lovely Bones and City of Ember. Here, she takes the role of Hanna and owns it, giving us an interesting and complex protagonist. Eric Bana plays Erik Heller, and he nails the role. There are long stretches of time where we don’t see his character, but whenever he appears on screen, it more than makes up for his absence. Cate Blanchett portrays the primary villain, Marissa Wiegler, and she also does a phenomenal job. She makes Wiegler a character audiences love to hate, and that just shows what a brilliant actress she is. The supporting cast members do a great job too, but with three amazing leads, it is hard for them to distinguish themselves to audiences.

 The film’s problem lies in the fact that the revelation at the end and the ending itself are too predictable. The rest of the movie contains thrilling fight scenes and plenty of surprises, while building up to reveal an important plot point that  explains what is happening and why. But by the time the secret is revealed, the audience will have already seen it coming. The explanation of why Hanna has been kept a secret is predictable and somewhat cliche’, which is disappointing. The ending is satisfying but predictable at the same time, and the filmmakers definitely could have done a better job tying everything together.

Other than that, Hanna is a fun, exciting action film that will more than likely please audiences. If you haven’t seen it, it is definitely worth checking out.

4 out of 5 stars


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