Doctor Who: Season 6 Grand Finale And “The Wedding of River Song”


Spoilers ahead!

At last, we have arrived to the moment of truth for season 6 and the Doctor. This Saturday’s finale, “The Wedding of River Song”, finally asked¬†the¬†question that must never be answered. And left us with many more to ponder over during the long, long break.

Most of the episode takes place in the alternative London where the time is stuck at 5:02 pm on April 22nd, 2011, where Winston Churchill is the Roman Emperor, and the Doctor is his “soothsayer”. All this is a result of River not killing the Doctor at the fixed point, like she was supposed to. In this alternate reality, Amy is a leader of an army, and Rory is a captain. They work against the Silence and take the Doctor to Area 52 located inside one of the Giza pyramids (quite a site too), where none other than River Song is waiting for them. There, they also keep the captured Silence, who break out as a result of Madame Kovarian trap, forcing Amy, Rory, River, and the Doctor to escape to the top of the pyramid, where the Doctor’s fate will be ultimately decided.

I had many worries about this episode, since there were so many loose ends to take care of, but the final result was more than satisfying. I especially liked the simplicity and obviousness of the big question asked at the end, we can now only guess where it will lead the story. There was a great scene between River and the Doctor at the top of the pyramid, which got really visually interesting when the time was coming back into place. But most importantly, Amy and Rory were back (miraculously, Rory survived the finale). Yet again, the Doctor brilliantly found a way out of an impossible situation and the universe remains intact for now.



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