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Hello readers! Starting today I will be doing an update every Saturday with a collection of anime news stories that have popped up over the course of the week. These will be stories that are too small or not detailed enough to be their own article, but are interesting, unique, or exciting enough to be mentioned. Bigger anime news and longer stories will still get the full article treatment, so there’s no need worry about them getting shrunk down or neglected. We will still be on top of those stores too. I hope you all like this new update summary format and find it convenient!



One of my first (and absolute favorite) manga series, Ranma ½, is going to get a two hour live-action TV special that will air on NTV this December. Ranma ½ is a gender bending martial arts comedy about a boy who is cursed to turn into a girl when he is splashed with cold water. (Warm water reverses the effect.) Written by Rumiko Takahashi, author of fan favorite Inuyasha and cult hit Urusei Yatsura, the manga of Ranma ½ ran from 1987-1996 and it’s anime adaptation ran from 1989-1992. The boy side of Ranma will be played by Kento Kaku, (of the 2011 version of Paradise Kiss,) and Natsuna, (known for playing Kei in the live action adaptation of Gantz,) will be playing girl Ranma. Popular actress Yui Aragaki is set to play Ranma’s arranged fiancé, Akane Tendo.

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Earlier this week, Crunchyroll announced the list of the 10 anime series that they will continue simulcasting from this summer into the fall. They are:

Beelzebub– An action/comedy about a delinquent who is chosen to raise the son of the demon king as he and his friends try to prevent worldwide destruction.

 Bleach – The long running fighting series.

 CardFight! Vanguard A card battle show.

 Fairy Tail an adventure/action fantasy about a teenager entering the fantastic fairy tale guild.

 GintamaAn adventure comedy about a a samurai lacking in morals with aliens thrown in.

THE IDOL M@STER- This show follows 13 girls as they try to rise to the pop idol business.

Kaasan – Mom’s Life– a comedy about a working mom and her unconventional family.

Morita-san wa MukuchiA slice-of-life school comedy.

Naruto Shippuden More Naruto. If you’re reading this, you probably know what Naruto is.

Sket Dance–  This show follows the stories of a school club dedicated to solving peoples worries.

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It was confirmed earlier this week that the anime based off of the popular PS2 RPG game, Persona 4 ,(A favorite game of mine,) will get a regularly scheduled simulcast for free on The Anime Network starting on Thursday, October 6th. The plot of Persona 4 follows a group of high school students as they investigate mysterious murders happening around their rural town that revolve around a creepy dimension inside the TV. The show will also be available streaming on Hulu/Hulu Plus 24 hours after it appears on The Anime Network. With original Persona concept artist Kazuma Kaneko returning and the Director being Seiji Kishi, of hits such as Angel Beats and My Bride is a Mermaid, It’s a safe bet that Persona 4: The animation will turn out great.

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It was announced earlier this week that season 2 of the atmospheric supernatural espionage show, Darker Than Black was pushed back by Funimation from its initially planned release of October 18th to November 8th. Sources say that the reason the entertainment company delayed the anticipated release is due to “pre-holiday crowds at the media-presser.” I guess fan’s will have to be content re-watching the first season of the excellent seinen (older boy/teenager) anime series through Hulu or Netflix.

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