Supernatural: “Hello, Cruel World”


Possible spoilers ahead!

Supernatural¬†outdid itself yet again in being supernaturally cruel to its characters. Of course, it’s no secret that the show loves to torture Sam and Dean, but this week’s episode, “Hello, Cruel World”, takes things to a whole new level.

The episode picks up with Castiel, possessed by the leviathans, walking into a reservoir and disappearing in the city’s water supply. This means that the leviathans can be anywhere, only making the task for Sam, Dean, and Bobby more difficult. As if the things couldn’t get more complicated, Sam’s hallucinations involving Lucifer intensify and get very real. Meanwhile, the leviathans are taking over the bodies of random people, and in the process they find a perfect feeding ground at a local hospital. It seems, they are taking orders from someone, and we are yet to see who it is. While Dean and Bobby go on separate investigations, Sam stays behind, and that’s where things start to really go downhill.

There is a really poignant scene with Sam and Dean toward the end, where Dean helps Sam to overcome his hallucinations (for the time being, at least), which makes the ending of the episode all the more heart-breaking. This episode leaves several things unclear, such as Castiel’s and Bobby’s fates, and leviathans’ motives, which opens so many possibilities for this season. With Sam’s condition taking a new turn, it’s really hard to say what the resolve might possibly be. One thing is for sure: we have a long week ahead of us.


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