“Game of Thrones” RPG Video Game Announced, Being Developed Alongside “Game of Thrones” RTS


The company behind the upcoming Game of Thrones strategy game, titled “A Game of Thrones: Genesis”, has officially confirmed that they are working on a Game of Thrones RPG video game alongside the strategy title. This is good news for fans who were disappointed by Genesis, as one of the major arguments against it appeared to be: “But it isn’t an RPG!”

A developer from Cyanide Studio, the studio handling both games, officially confirmed for Kotaku that they are working on the title and that they hope for it to follow in the footsteps of classic RPG titles, such as Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic. The developer has stated that the game will rely heavily on the established story and lore from George R. R. Martin’s books, however will not allow players to play through the world as any of the main characters. Don’t fret — players will still encounter these characters on their adventures through Martin’s world.

Another bit of information worth noting is that both Game of Thrones games were greenlit by Martin himself before HBO began development on the series as a TV show. Martin’s approval leaves us hopeful that the games will stay true to the stories — which isn’t to say that the TV show deviated from the plot, but basing a game on a TV show which was based on a book may be where things start straying a bit too far from the initial story.

Little more is known about the RPG thus far — no screenshots, trailers, or official plot details. We’ll be sure to bring them to you as they’re released!

What do you think about a Game of Thrones RPG? Are you excited to see Martin’s universe come to life outside of television or is this territory better left alone?



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