EW Reveals New “Avengers” Stills, Including Headshots, Behind the Scenes, and Movie Caps!


Entertainment Weekly has landed another superhero exclusive, this time allowing the cast of The Avengers to grace the cover of their latest issue. The cover shows the full Avengers team in costume, including Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit (minus helmet), Hawkeye, and Bruce Banner (sans Hulk form).

The stills reveal a look at the films from an insider perspective, showing several greenscreen filming scenes as well as stills from the actual movie. We see Iron Man and Captain America interacting, Hawkeye and Black Widow shooting together (with very different styles of weapons!), and Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans relaxing during takes. We also have headshots for several characters, each of which was used to create the EW cover.

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Noticeably missing? A trailer! These stills, behind the scenes photos, and promotional images are great and all.. but it’s time for a trailer! Rumor is that we’ll be receiving a trailer some time within the next month, though we’re not sure how much credibility lays behind that claim. In the mean time, try to enjoy some of the behind-the-scenes filming pictures and videos (here and here) we’ve reported on over the past several months, which may help tide you over while we wait for a real trailer!


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