Doctor Who Series Six Finale Photos, Clips, and Video Prequel — We’ve Got it All Before the Wedding!


The Wedding of River Song, the finale episode in series six of Doctor Who, arrives tomorrow…

Tick tock goes the clock ’til River kills the Doctor….

This is the episode where the Doctor will die. We’ve known the time was coming since series six premiered — the Doctor is shot by the spaceman (or woman), who has since been revealed as River. How will the Doctor get out of it? Who will marry River?

The BBC has been extra generous to the Whoniverse, releasing over a dozen stills from the upcoming finale, as well as several clips and the official web video prequel. It’s a lot to process, so we’ve wrapped it up in one glorious pre-Who finale post below!

The set of photos reveals many familiar faces, costumes, and hair styles — the Doctor’s beard has returned and his hair appears to be much longer than usual. He’s wearing a toga in some scenes, an eye patch in others… and speaking of the eyepatch, we see one on Rory and River as well. Churchill is back in addition to Amy, Rory, River, Kovarian, the Silence, and more:

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The BBC has also released two clips from the episode featuring Churchill, a frequent staple over the past two series, and Dorium’s head:

Perhaps most intriquing is the recently released prequel for “The Wedding of River Song”, which takes viewers to Area 52, and as one Youtuber put it: “Eye patches. Eye patches everywhere.”

This will be the Doctor’s date with destiny.


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