TCR: Abe Sapien and Angel & Faith Shine as this Week’s Dark Horse Releases


Angel and Faith

Any Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans in the house? (You know … the chick surrounded by vampires PRE-Twilight). True, the TV show has come to an unfortunate end, but the comic book is alive and well. Included in the Buffy-realm of the comic world (season 9) is the spin-off Angel and Faith, which follows the events of Buffy season 8 within the comic-book series.

Like each season of the main Buffy comic book series, Angel and Faith is set to last about 25 issues (taking us a good two years into the future by the time it’s done). Though a fan of the TV series, I have never had a chance to delve into the comic book yet. Dark Horse provided me with the perfect chance to do this with this new shoot-off mini-series Angel and Faith. This new series is by Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs and is still executively produced by Joss Whedon. And honestly – you can tell the talent in this series. I felt like I was still watching the TV show as I read. The characters were completely true to form both artistically and in how they were written – their dialogue, thought processes, and general tendencies. These are Buffy experts making this series happen. The wit is still present as is the solid plot – I have to say, my expectations have been exceeded!

So we are past Season 8 – which means Angel is back to being Angel, and put that Twilight nonsense behind him (oh yeah, and they totally have to mention the series with the same name, lol!). Angel and Faith have teamed up – considering no one else really wants much to do with Angel. Mission? Bring Giles back from the dead. Not in a creepy zombie-like type of way – but gain the materials to make him truly Giles (alive and well) once again.

Recommend for Buffy fans craving a fix? Abso-freaking-lutely. With characters this true to their huge personalities, how could chemistry not be declaring its presence onto the pages? (Oh, and in issue two, Faith is wearing a Batgirl (Batman? – nah) tee-shirt. Awesome. I approve!) Angel and Faith #2 came out this week. Not too late to catch-up – check it out!

Abe Sapien The Devil Does Not Jest #1

Abe Sapien is out to uncover a mystery and to open a 50 year old case, but he may be in over his head. Get ready for a fantastic start to an edge of your seat story.

Abe Sapien, aquatic character of the infamous Hellboy comic book series, has earned more than one spin-off series. Here he comes this week in Abe Sapeien The Devil Does not Jest #1 (of 2). Classic team Mike Mignola as well as John Arcudi take the reins of this two-issue story while James Harren delivers the art.

The Dark Horse official summary of these issues pretty much sums it up – the case that Abe Sapien is trying to solve is a good 50 years old, and as soon as he takes it he probably regrets that decision because old death apparently just breads new death and more mystery.

You absolutely do not have to be familiar with the Hellboy series to be able to enjoy this mystery or the chaos that ensues. You will be unfamiliar with this main character – but that is ok, because he has two whole books to shine for himself. I realize I haven’t give the reader much to go on plot-wise, but I don’t feel like I should – this is a creepy mystery and things should be discovered on your own as you read. I can say, though, that from writing to art – every detail of this book was well-done and extremely entertaining!



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