AMC Will Begin Airing Six-Week “Walking Dead” Webisodes Following Life and Death of “Bicycle Girl”


Remember the crawling, disemboweled zombie girl who left quite an impression on Walking Dead fans during the show’s airing last October? Yeah, we do too — how can you forget? This character grew to be such a fan favorite (which is a bit bizarre to say when referring to a half-missing crawling zombie girl) that AMC has decided to begin airing a six-episode webisode series starting this coming Monday.

The character has been dubbed “Bicycle Girl” by the show’s writer. The six webisodes, or web-episodes (web shorts) will follow the life, death, and undeath of a girl named Hannah — or the Bicycle Girl — and will culminate with her faithful meeting with Rick in the show’s pilot episode. A new actress will play Bicycle Girl (for reasons unknown).

AMC has released a behind-the-scenes video documenting the work that went in to re-creating Bicycle Girl and giving her her own web-series:

Are you excited for this new Walking Dead experience? Do you think it will add depth to the universe? Are you as gleefully disgusted as we are by the realization that we’ll finally figure out why she’s missing the lower half of her body, yet still crawling around?


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