Will Blizzard Unveil Their Secret “Project Titan” At Blizzcon?


After waiting what seems like forever, Blizzard finally gave us Starcraft 2 last year.  Another wait fans are anticipating is the release of Diablo III, which has been in the works for over a decade now.  While these events are finally giving gamers what they are wanting outside of their infamous World of Warcraft series, the wait is killing us.  It seems, however, that they have stayed fairly quiet lately, especially with Blizzcon right around the corner.  We have a feeling Blizzard is about to announce something new, somthing different than usual, something big.  Yes, we are talking about Titan.

Last December, it was confirmed that Titan was definitely the new “next-gen MMO” that Blizzard is working on, but no details were given other than that.  All we have are rumors and speculations that it may be a mix between sci-fi and fantasy elements, but of course, more information may be coming soon according to M2 Research senior analyst, Billy Pidgeon. 

Pidgeon tells VentureBeat that Blizzard is feeling the heat from EA who just announced their upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic title will be hitting shelves in December.  With Diablo 3 already being pushed back to 2012, what will Blizzard bring that is new to Blizzcon next month?

“If they are holding any juicy details, it’s going to be announced at Blizzcon. The big news is probably going to be a Diablo 3 date and a possible new announcement about one or more new properties.”

Diablo 3 is already in open beta and is confirmed that it is getting pushed back to early next year, so an official release date at Blizzcon seems pretty obvious, but like Pidgeon says, they are needing to bring more than that to the table to keep this expensive fan convention worth it.

However, the bigger issue is how much the release of The Old Republic, which has been said to be the first actualy contender in the MMO market to compete, will affect the declining subscriber count for WoW.  To keep people interesed, Blizzard will need to pull a reveal something huge to keep fans interesed.




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