Sad News, “Who” Fans: Doctor Who Series 7 Delayed Until Fall 2012


The official Doctor Who UK magazine has confirmed the rumors we’ve been hearing for ages now: Doctor Who series seven will be delayed until fall 2012, which marks a substantial period between the finale of Doctor Who series six (the finale of which hits this coming weekend) and the start of the seventh series, which Matt Smith has been confirmed to lead. We also know that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will appear in the series, though their contributions are up in the air following the conclusion of the bombshell episode, The God Complex (check out or review of that episode!).

We have confirmation that Doctor Who will air a Christmas special, and the delay between series six and seven leaves room for a potential Easter special as well — though this is pure speculation. One thing is for certain: this is an improvement over previous rumors, which suggested that Doctor Who may not appear at all on television sets in 2012. We’ll take a delay over nothing at all, that’s for sure!

Are you disappointed by the delay?


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