Dead Space 3 Rumors Have Us Feeling “Chilly”


With the recent glimpse of the logo, the Dead Space 3 rumors are starting to pop up everywhere.  The newest rumor hints that not only will players encounter an entire new location, one that rivals the temperature of space, but a brand new enemy.

According to recent rumors, Dead Space 3 will take hero Isaac Clarke crash landing on a new planet called Tau Volantis that is mostly covered in ice – much like Hoth from Empire Strikes Back.  We can let our imaginations run wild from there, assuming that snowy creatures are sure to be just as crazy as the previous enemies we have encountered.  The same source also claims that our good friend Ellie, from the original Dead Space will make a return.

Visceral Games has displayed interest in taking the franchise in a new direction, but we assumed that meant stepping away from the “marker” storyline.  Looking at it, an ice planet scenario does seem awfully similar to Capcom’s Lost Planet.  However, keeping story minds in line, it is highly doubtful that Dead Space 3’s planet will have much in common with Lost Planet’s.

Nonetheless, as much as we are intrigued by this rumor, we still have no official confirmations regarding the game whatsoever.  Let’s just wait and see what Visceral Games brings to us in the future.


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