DC 52s – Officially a Success! ALL Issues Go To Second Printing


Wow. This is unheard of and above all expectations – all 52 issues of the new DC reboot have officially gone to second printings! What does that mean, exactly? It means they the initial supply of every single #1 issue was less than the demand of people who wanted to own them. And it gets better – Justice League (the first of the 52s) has just gone to its 4th printing while Action and Batgirl (I TOLD you this one was awesome) went to their 3rd. Thanks to DC, comic books have caught the eye of consumers again in a big way.

This is awesome, wonderful, fantastic, and momentous – but can DC keep it up? Are enough new and returning comic readers hooked by these number one issues to keep coming back for serialized aftermath? Of course only time can answer this question. Until then, the industry should enjoy the victory. Here’s the official press release from DC:


It’s official! All 52 first issues of DC Entertainment’s historic publishing initiative DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 have sold out from Diamond Comic Distributors in advance of publication. And all 52 issues will receive second printings.

Here’s a further look inside the numbers for DC COMICS-THE NEW 52:

· ACTION and BATGIRL already have third printings and JUSTICE LEAGUE, the bestselling comic book to date for all of 2011, is in its fourth printing.

· AQUAMAN #1 is the eleventh title in DC Comics-The New 52 with sales of more than 100,000. The series joins the sales ranks of the previously announced titles ACTION COMICS, BATGIRL, BATMAN, BATMAN AND ROBIN, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT, DETECTIVE COMICS, THE FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, JUSTICE LEAGUE and SUPERMAN.

· BATMAN # 1 joins JUSTICE LEAGUE # 1 and ACTION COMICS # 1 as the third title with sales exceeding 200,000 copies.

“We at DC Entertainment thank our creators, our retail partners, and our readers, and remind them all we’re just getting started,” said John Rood, DC Entertainment Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. “We’re thrilled to be making history, but we’re not standing around congratulating each other. We’re working behind the scenes to leverage our recent success into our long term vision for this company and its iconic characters and brands.”

“There’s never been anything like DC COMICS – THE NEW 52, as seen by our unprecedented sales and overwhelming fan enthusiasm,” said DC Entertainment Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio. “All 52 first issues have now sold out in advance of publication and each one of the first issues has received a second printing. Backed by DC Entertainment’s massive marketing campaign, dozens of retailer events, and hundreds of headlines from around the globe, this is a watershed moment for the comic book industry. It’s the most significant publishing event in the last 25 years of this company’s long and storied history.”


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