Doctor Who: “Closing Time”


Spoilers ahead!

This week’s Doctor Who managed to make me laugh one minute and cry the next, and I can only imagine what the finale is going to be like.

The Doctor pays a visit to Craig (he first appeared in “The Lodger”, in the 5th season) who now lives with Sophie and their baby son Alfie. At the same time, there are strange electricity fluctuations happening in the area, and they seem to be concentrated around the local department store. Turns out, these events are connected to a Cyberman ship, and soon enough, the Doctor captures a Cybermat which is sending power to the Cyberman ship. In a confrontation with the Cybermen, Craig gets his share of action as he is determined to help the Doctor.

Some of the scenes between the Doctor and Craig were absolutely priceless, like the ones where the Doctor understands Alfie’s “baby talk”. At the same time, several scenes might move you to tears, like the one where the Doctor catches a glimpse of Amy and Rory. I found the scene where the Doctor talks to Alfie very poignant, especially because of the Doctor’s revelation that his time has pretty much run out.  The episode ends in an unexpected place which seems to create a setup for what is to come, as the season will draw to a close next Saturday.


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