Supernatural: A Promising Start For Season 7


Spoilers ahead!

Promising, to say the least. “Wow” is the first word that comes to mind to try and describe the season premiere of Supernatural‘s 7th season, titled “Meet the New Boss”.

Picking up at the crucial moment from the finale of season 6, the episode begins as Castiel assumes his new role as “God”. Luckily, he spares the lives of Sam, Dean, and Bobby, and goes off to set some things right (like killing off the angels who wouldn’t join his side). Sam, in the mean time, is having hallucinations, with memories of hell seeping through the wall in his mind. With Castiel on loose, Bobby and the boys decide to seek Death’s help. Castiel, however, is not as in control of all the souls inside of him as he thinks. Death warns that there are much older things in Purgatory than souls – Leviathans, and that Castiel took them in along with other souls. With some help from Death, Sam, Dean, and Bobby open the door to Purgatory, so the souls can exit Castiel’s body. For a moment afterward, it seems that the old Castiel has returned, but it soon becomes obvious that not quite everything returned back to Purgatory.

I didn’t quite know what to expect from this episode, and it was hard to think of a new enemy Sam and Dean might possibly be facing this time.  But Supernatural still didn’t disappoint – “Meet the New Boss” is fast-paced, thoroughly creepy, yet it still manages to throw in some hilarious lines. Misha Collins shows a great diversity, having to play God, then briefly, Castiel, and then Leviathans possessing Castiel (which makes for one unnerving sight). Julian Richings as Death is as compelling as ever, and hopefully, this won’t be the last we see of him. Sam’s condition turns very unsettling by the end of the episode, and it will certainly be hard to wait until next Friday to see how things develop.

Looks like we are in for one thrilling ride this year.


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