THE THING: Free Digital Comic Prequel to Upcoming Movie Available From Dark Horse


After months of no shipments from settlements in Greenland, a band of Vikings set off for answers only to find themselves pitted against monsters lurking in the icy depths and amongst one another. – Dark Horse Digital


The Thing, the movie produced by Marc Abraham and Eric Newman (Dawn of the Dead), is scheduled to debut in theaters on October 14 (see trailer below). This prelude to John Carpenter’s classic 1982 film takes place in Antarctica during a scientific research expedition where, in this secluded environment, they find a ship buried in the ice. Inside this ship is a creature, unrecognizable to any of them. When they accidentally thaw and release the creature, paranoia spreads. Why? Because the terrifying in-human beast is able to turn itself into any living being and smart enough to know how to manipulate the crew against one another.

But how did the creature end up in that ship? What happened so long ago to those who first stumbled upon The Thing? These are questions addressed in the digital comic prequel to the movie. Today, Dark Horse Comics is releasing the first three parts to The Thing: The Northman Nightmare. The second and third installments are scheduled for September 28 and October 5. This digital comic is available FREE online at as well as via the free Dark Horse Comics mobile app ( 

The LA Times “Hero Complex”  was able to catch an interview with The Northman Nightmare author Steve Niles:

Essentially what I wrote was: What if it happened in other periods of history? The thing I had to really tackle was what would be a perfect setting, and historically, one of my favorite things to read about are Vikings, ’cause they were lunatics. They were very smart lunatics, and they basically discovered Greenland, and so I combined the discovery of Greenland with a “Thing” story, and I think it came out really great. The art from Patrick [Reynolds] is just stunning. And I hate to say stuff like this, but this was one of those stories; I got the idea, and I loved it so fast that I think they got a pitch from me within the hour. I knew what I wanted to do, and I was scripting immediately. These projects, they come along so rarely, where you’re just working for love of the property or the project.

Not sure if The Thing is your kind of thing? You can preview the art on first few pages below prior to going to the site to download the free comic:

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The Thing: The Northman Nightmare is written by Steve Niles (Criminal Macabre), with art by Patric Reynolds (Serenity), colors by Dave Stewart (Hellboy) and a cover by Menton3 (Silent Hill). 

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