Did Dead Space 3 Accidentally Get Confirmed?


Electronic Arts is promoting the Dead Space franchise by including Dead Space 2 as a pre-order bonus for gamers who purchase Battlefield 3 early through EA’s new online service, Origin. Dead Space 2 is definitely a strange choice to be packed up with BF3; so it seems like they may want to get more gamers interested in a possible Dead Space 3.   

 It is not surprising that there is a possible Dead Space 3 in the works, considering how EA made it very clear when Dead Space 2 came out that there is so much potential in the franchise that they want to reach out to an even larger audience with their next game.  They have yet to officially announce the game, however.

 Unfortunately for them and the developer Visceral Games, we may have just gotten a confirmation that Dead Space 3 is in the works by an Israeli news program, The Headlines.  They had a chance to tour the EA’s Redwood Shores head office where they were to do a piece on the evolution of video games, but an IGN reader noticed in the background, a logo for Dead Space 3 was hanging around, along with what is possible conceptual art of the game.

Check out the footage here:

EA has not commented yet, so we are still waiting for an official announcement on the authenticity of the video.

Dead Space follows a protagonist, Isaac Clarke, as players dive into a third-person survival-horror experience.  The story is set in the future with what began as a rescue mission aboard a mining ship that turned into a religious cult conspiracy.  Clarke barely survives the end of Dead Space 2 with the help of his allie, Ellie, so it is highly likely that they would be making a third title in the series to tie up all the loose ends.


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