Doctor Who: “The God Complex”, How To Catch Yourself A Monster


Possible spoilers ahead!

“The God Complex” will surely stick with me for a long time. It is one of the creepier episodes of this series, with an interesting concept and a powerful ending.

Instead of a new planet, the Doctor, Amy and Rory end up in what looks like an 1980s hotel. However, very soon the Doctor finds out that this is in fact an alien structure made to look as if it were on Earth. Several people and an alien that our trio meets upon arrival tell them about the very strange nature of this “hotel”. Rooms appear and disappear and the corridors can stretch. It turns out that the rooms contain the greatest fears of whoever enters, though a far greater menace roams the corridors of this fake hotel, and soon enough, the Doctor, Amy and Rory will have to face it.

I found the whole idea of many rooms with different fears inside really fascinating. The mundane-looking hotel setting makes the atmosphere even more unnerving. For all the strange and creepy things that were going on in the maze of corridors and rooms, it is the ending that pretty much stole the whole show. There are also some interesting insights about the Doctor’s nature. The important scenes between Amy and the Doctor are really touching, yet the ending leaves a sense of uncertainty ¬†about the future of the Doctor’s companions.


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