New Soul Calibur V Trailer Shows Off New Characters and Storyline!


Namcos long standing franchise, Soul Calibur initially announced the released of Soul Calibur V back in May.  Since then, we have been getting new information from time to time.  Namco decided to tease us just a little bit more by releasing a new trailer for their upcoming title.

The trailer actually gives some pretty goon insight regarding the story that is going to take place during Soul Calibur V. We know already that the events occur 17 years after the last game.  The trailer expands a little bit on the son of Sophitia, Patroklos, and explains that he is to “heir the title of Holy Warrior.”  This almost seems to indicate that he has taken his mother’s place as the servant of the Greek god Hephaestus.  It also seems to hint at the destiny for his sister, Pyrrha.

Make your own intrepretations by watching the Tokyo Game Show Soul Calibur V Trailer below:


The trailer does more than just explain more of the story, it also shows off many of the characters that we have already seen in action. However, it also features two new characters that have yet to be revealed.  The first face we see is Astaroth, the golem created by the Greek God Ares to acquire Soul Edge.  He is instantly a recognizable, having been a part of the series since the original Soul Calibur and is noted for his very unique appearance that changes with every game.  We are also introduced to an “unnamed” character who seems to be some sort of gypsy or fortune teller.  Probably both seeing as how her weapons are a floating pink orb and a clawed hand.

Soul Calibur V comes out in 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.


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