Huge Batch of “Man of Steel” Hit the Web Showing Filming, Superman, and General Zod


The latest batch of set photos for the 2013 Superman release, Man of Steel, have hit the web… this time showing filming in downtown Chicago (transformed into Metropolis), which features Henry Cavill as Clark Kent as well as┬áMichael Shannon playing General Zod wearing a non-motion capture suit. Fans had been worried after seeing Michael Shannon filming in a motion capture shoot… and remembering the failure we saw in Green Lantern. Other photos show various parts of Metropolis, such as a destroyed train station, cabs, news crews, and more.

[cincopa AUOAMtqp9pCF]

What do you think of the set photos so far: impressed or not-so-impressed? Additionally, have your fears been eased now that we’ve seen Michael Shannon in a non-mocap suit?

[Images via ScreenRant and the (unofficial) “Superman: Man of Steel (2013)” Facebook group]


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