Marvel Live Blog: Brevoort, McGuinnes and Loeb Talk ‘Avengers: X-Sanction’ – Guess Who’s Back from the Dead and About to Take On the Avengers



“How Cable survived Second Coming and what his responsibility is to his daughter, Hope, may have something to do with the Avengers.” -Jeph Loeb


I just got off of today’s Marvel Liveblog where they released this teaser for a four-issue mini-series that will begin in December titled Avengers: X-Sanction. According to Assistant Editor Marc Strom, this mini-series will set the stage for the Marvel Universe in 2012. So at first glance we know two huge things: Cable is back (well, that was a short death … unless it’s an alternate reality) and that this series looks to be teaming up heavy hitters Ed McGuinnes and Jeph Loeb.


Comment From blogger:

So the reason of Cable fighting the Avengers is Hope? And is that Cable is actually resurrected Cable from Second Coming or is that a Cable from another time or what?


  Strommy: ( Assistant Editor Marc Strom)What, you want us to give everything away? 😉 But yes, Hope is in danger in some way, so Cable’s reason for coming back stems from that.


“The idea of Cable as a man out to protect his daughter by any means necessary gives the character an emotional heft and underlines everything he does. It’s richly fulfilling.” -Tom Brevoort

“This is a man who has a daughter and a need to protect her. That’s really all you need to know.” -Jeph Loeb on readers unfamiliar with Cable picking up this series

 “Cable’s actions may create their own Schism.” -Jeph Loeb



 EiC Axel Alonso has noted that it’s no coincidence that Children’s Crusade, Fear Itself and Schism all end around the same time, so who knows?


UltimateKidNova: ( Associate Editor Ben Morse)

“What Cable is up to is not something that can be done quietly. It will raise the interest of some pretty important people and leaders in the X-Men community will have to step in at some point in the storyline.” -Jeph Loeb


“While I talked about comparisons between Cap and Cable, there’s also a parallel with Tony Stark. Iron Man thinks of himself as a ‘futurist,’ Cable is from the future. Both have been at war with their own bodies. We look for characters with touch points to Cable. Their legacy means an enormous amount to him.” -Jeph Loeb


  Strommy: There’s nothing you have to read in order to pick up issue 1 of AVENGERS: X-SANCTION, but if you want some more Cable, I recommend picking up X-Men: Messiah CompleX and then Duane Swierczynski’s Cable series, which all leads into X-Men: Second Coming. There are also “Cable Classic” trades that go back to some of his earliest stories.



“Cable is not a robot. The metal in his body is actually organic tissue. Ed and I have talked about this a lot. We liken it to a cancer that changes your body’s cellular structure. Last time we saw him, his arm had been severed. It’s back with a kind of force that will play a major role in this storyline. This is a battle inside Cable’s body that he has waged since the first time he appeared.” -Jeph Loeb


“This is a story that has an impact from the past, but is very much the beginning of what is coming in 2012.” -Jeph Loeb on Avengers: X-Sanction’s ties to Schism, Generation Hope, etc.


“It’s awesome to be able to draw some of this stuff. Interactions I never thought would happen.” -Ed McGuinnes


And just for fun…

“I have yet to find a gun too big for Cable.” -Ed McGuinness


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