Doctor Who: “The Girl Who Waited”


Possible spoilers ahead!

This week’s episode of Doctor Who is definitely a tear-jerker. “The Girl Who Waited”, written by Tom MacRae and directed by Nick Hurran, is packed with some impressive action, as well as with several truly moving scenes. There is plenty of angst, along with impossibly hard choices, yet this is a great opportunity for the actors to show off their talents.

The episode starts off as the Doctor promises Amy and Rory a trip to a paradise planet. Except, they end up in quite a different place – something resembling a sterile medical facility. Amy gets separated from the Doctor and Rory, and she also ends up in a different time stream where time goes by faster. Complications also come in the form of faceless well-meaning robots.

Karen Gillan truly shines in this episode, having to play Amy we all know, and a different, aged Amy. There is an especially poignant scene, when the two of them get to talk to each other for the first time. Arthur Darvill also has some heart-breaking moments as Rory is faced with a tough choice. Overall, “The Girl Who Waited” is a great mix of sci-fi and drama, relying heavily on the three actors’ performances.


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